We take great pride in providing education coaching services to both parents and teachers to help navigate the education system & create alternative education plans and services within your community.

HI! I'M Lauren!

I can't wait to meet you! Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have a Bachelors degree in Child Development, hold a valid Multiple Subject CA Teaching Credential, and my Masters in Education. I taught at the elementary level for eight years in first, third, and fourth grade. When I'm not trying to help enrich the lives of others, my dogs and I enjoy visits to the dog park, going on walks, and snuggling on the couch.

ElevateU was founded on the premise that I want to help children, families, and educators elevate to their highest potential. We are able to do this through empowering families and educators to “unschool” their minds and own perceptions of what a great education really is and then teaching them how to create a warm, inviting, safe, and empowering environment for children to thrive.

Parent & Teacher Workshops

Our parent and teacher workshops were created to help further develop your teaching and behavior management skills to help ensure a positive educational experience for you and your child!

  • Intro to Alternative Education: This workshop is designed for both parents and educators wanting to learn more about how to legally provide alternative education outside of the traditional school system here in California. This is a great workshop to start your journey in Alternative Education if you are new and have not home schooled before!

  • Homeschooling for Beginners: Join our NEW course for homeschooling beginners! We are excited to launch this 4 week course that helps new homeschooling families start their alternative education journey on the right foot! This course starts with our Intro to Alternative Education Workshop, takes you through record keeping, discusses curriculum and materials, and our last meeting ends with teaching you how to lesson plan and look for academic experiences in your everyday life! This course is held as a small group to help connect other homeschooling families. Spaces will be limited so join our waitlist for priority registration today!

  • ​​1:1 Academic Coaching Session available for both parents & credentialed educators:

    • Sessions are planned based on your individual needs! Contact us today to help us see how we can best serve YOUR NEEDS!

    • Packages available to receive discounted prices!

    • 2 hour minimum IN PERSON or ZOOM sessions

  • 1:1 Reading Strengths Assessment for Students

    • This option includes a personal literacy assessment of your child. It is great for both strong and struggling readers.

    • We will sit with your child and use our favorite literacy assessment kit, Fountas & Pinnell, to assess your child's literacy skills.

    • We then will schedule a follow up meeting where we will review your child's results, what their literacy strengths are and areas for improvement! After reviewing your child's results we will then go over our suggested resources and lessons you can do at home to improve your child's skills!

  • 1:1 Listen to Learn Math Strengths Assessment for Students

    • This option includes a personal mental math assessment of your child. It is great for students who are strong or struggle with math.

    • This is a interview tool used to help you discover how your child reasons numerically.

    • At the end of the assessment you will be given a report that allows you to see your child's numerical reasoning strengths and areas for improvement, as well as next steps.

  • Packages available to receive discounted prices

Choose what works best for you:

  • Intro to Alternative Education Workshop

  • Homeschooling for Beginners Course

  • 1:1 Academic Coaching Session-Parents & Teachers

  • 1:1 Reading Strengths Assessment for Students

  • 1:1 Listen to Learn Math Strengths Assessment for Students

We Love Questions!

We aim to help parents teach their children to become independent, self-confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners by actively exploring their environment.

We Partner With You!

We routinely assess our students to discover what areas they're strong in, and what areas still need more work. This also allows us to provide a more individualized education and place them within small groups of students to receive direct instruction at their level.

We keep you in the loop on what we're working on, and we also let you know exactly how your child is doing.


We would love to have you review us on Facebook and Google. These reviews are a testament to the phenomenal community we all work so hard to build at ElevateU. Thank you for your support!


Check out what parents say about their past experience with our owner, Lauren!

"Lauren was an incredible teacher. My daughter still talks about her and loves when their pictures pop up in our memories. Lauren is patient, but structured. She has a heart that is so capable of loving children like her own. Thank you so much for loving our child so well. "

-Bridgette L.

"Miss Lauren, I don’t think I can say enough good things about you! We appreciate you being so patient with our little guy! You really helped him develop not only a love for water but a level of confidence in the pool that we are so thankful for. You were always on time, showed interest in our son, and were able to get the results we were looking for."

-Caitlin B.

"Lauren was a patient and dedicated swim teacher. My toddler greatly resisted learning the first couple of days, but Lauren stayed in the water with him the entire length of the lesson and just kept going. After a couple of days, he quit resisting so much and Lauren taught him how to swim. She was positive and encouraging to my son and myself, when I was ready to give up until the next summer. By the end of two weeks he was swimming and really enjoying the time with her. The following summer Lauren returned and helped improve my sons skills and also comfort in the water. As always, she was patient, kind, and understanding when he had a rough day. She kept a positive attitude and continually changed up the lessons to ensure that my son did not get bored! My husband and I cannot thank Lauren enough for teaching our son such an important life skill. We are forever grateful!"

-Nicole C.


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